Bursary Committee

The Bursary Committee hosts regular fundraising events to assist social work students with educational expenses. The Association of Black Social Workers Bursary is provided to assist full and part time African Canadian students who are attending the Dalhousie School of Social Work and who are studying towards a social work degree.

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee receives and reviews new Regular/Licensed, Associate/Corresponding and Student membership applications. Completed applications with the appropriate fee are to be forwarded to the ABSW address. Applications are then reviewed by the Membership Committee who then present the application to ABSW Members at the next ABSW meeting where a vote will be taken.

Social Committee

The ABSW Social Committee is responsible for the planning and coordination of social activities. The Committee hosts fundraising events throughout the year to assist with recognizing members who are have been married, ill at home and in the hospital, those who grieve a loved one or celebrating a significant event.

Child Welfare Committee

The Child Welfare Committee offers the support group SEARCH (Support, Education and Appreciation of Race, Culture and Heritage). The SEARCH group provides support, education, training and counselling services for white parents who are raising Black and biracial children.

International Committee

Each year the International Committee is responsible for selecting an internationally based organization whose goals and objectives are supported by the Committee. Once the Committee makes their selection the organization is presented to ABSW members during a monthly meeting for approval.